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4 Ways We Can Help You Rock Your New Year’s Resolutions

There’s no rule that you have to tackle your 2019 goals all by yourself. In fact, having a support team of professionals can help you stack the deck when it comes to sticking to your New Year’s resolutions right through until December!  In the spirit of helping our clients make 2019 their best year yet,... View Article

Five Other Ways the War Amps Helps

One hundred years ago, a group of amputee war veterans returning from the First World War banded together under the common goal to help other amputees and The War Amps was born. While their initial goal was to support fellow veterans, over time the scope of this organization has grown to serve all Canadian amputees,... View Article

prosthetic feet in different styles, designs, and technology. learn how the war helped the prosthetic industry grow with niagara prosthetics and orthotics

Technology Advancements in The Prosthetic Industry

Prosthetic technology has been around for awhile now. In fact, Caulfield Hospital located in Mebourne, Australia has been treating amputee veterans since 1916 and to this day have a display of veteran prostheses dating back to over a 100 years! In that display, you are able to see the drastic change in technology, from materials used... View Article

close-up of man's prosthetic leg. how to care, clean, and maintain your prothesis with niagara prosthetics and orthotics

How to Care for Your Prosthesis

In most situations, a professional will walk you through how to properly use and care for your prosthesis. With so many challenges that come with this lifestyle change, we understand that patients may not remember every detail instructed and shared with them during this time. With that in mind, we wanted to create a go-to... View Article

patient trying on a custom knee brace. knee brace fitting. niagara prosthetics and orthotics.

Custom Made or Off The Shelf Knee Braces – Which One is Better?

This question is no stranger to us. There has been an on-going debate for years now about whether or not custom made knee braces are better than off the shelf knee braces and vice versa. At Niagara Prosthetics and Orthotics, we believe that there are two sides to every debate. Today we are going to... View Article

man adjusting to prosthesis after amputation surgery. 5 things to expect after amputation surgery. niagara prosthetics and orthotics.

What to Expect After Amputation Surgery

The months following amputation surgery are typically broken down in to a few stages. Although these stages are not the same for everyone as age, health, and diagnosis differ and are considered, this is a rough outline as to what one can expect during the recovery process: 1. Hospital recovery During the early stages of... View Article

laptop with crumpled paper and stethoscope. This is a young clinician's story on how she got in to the prosthetics and orthotics industry at Niagara PO.

From Student to Clinician: This is Katie Kalchman’s Story

As a university student it can be very intimidating, and at times scary knowing that you will be entering the “adult” world of work and a career. So, when that fourth and final year comes around, many students panic at the question: “What are you going to do next year?” Some people know the answer... View Article

What You Need to Know About Osseointegration

Founded in the 1950s, the term osseointegration was coined by Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark when he discovered the ability to integrate human bone with titanium metal. This discovery was a very important breakthrough in his career and the future of prosthetics. To this day, osseointegration is used to permanently anchor artificial limbs to the human skeleton, typically done in... View Article

Baby Steps with John Rollo

Every now and then, we get the opportunity to provide care for an individual who sets themselves apart from the rest. We met John Rollo in January of 2014, shortly after he had undergone a series of medical procedures including a bilateral below the knee amputation. Mr. Rollo attended every appointment with a smile and a positive... View Article