Once again Niagara Wheelchair and Seating came to my house to repair my wheelchair that I broke from falling on top of the Steering Mechanism. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a wheelchair or is in need of repair. Frank the technician is absolutely a gem. This company basically rebuilt my wheelchair that I paid over $15,000 for. The chair was not programmed properly so it was dangerous. I ruined so many walls, appliances and cupboards because it was non drivable. It was large enough for a 400 pound person and the seat was not positioned properly so I kept sliding out of it. After many communications with xxxxxx without progress I was referred to Niagara Wheelchair and Seating (289) 786-0088 which customized my chair so it was safe, the right size and I actually wasnt slipping out of it. Niagara Wheelchair and Seating are knowledgeable, respectful of their customer needs and are extremely caring.”

– Tammy –

I went to another provider before Niagara Prosthetics & Orthotics (NPO). The other Pedortists spent nearly 3 years making 3 pairs of pricey orthotics.  Result?  Little success. The issue? Shear pressure against a shifted toe bone caused the growth of a large, painful callous on the bottom of my foot. Slight relief was gained by a depression in the orthotic which fit the callous. However, this small gain was offset by arch & heel adjustments shifting body weight to the opposite side producing chronic hip pain.

My health care provider told me the Pedorthist went too far trying to correct my foot instead of accommodating for the foot problem. He then suggested NPO.

The First Meeting… NPO’s Pedorthist went right to the heart of the matter –  scientifically analyzing, assessing & clearly explaining the plan for an accommodative orthotic.  Furthermore, using my suggestions as part of the plan, made me feel an important part in what NPO was doing for my problem.

Here we are 4 months later, hip pain is noticeably less, the orthotics feel good, no callous pain, balance is better, and I feel as though I’m in good hands at NPO.

– John –

– Garrett –

– Matt –

– Margaret –

– Alaina –

– Pete –