Once again Niagara Wheelchair and Seating came to my house to repair my wheelchair that I broke from falling on top of the Steering Mechanism. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a wheelchair or is in need of repair. Frank the technician is absolutely a gem. This company basically rebuilt my wheelchair that I paid over $15,000 for. The chair was not programmed properly so it was dangerous. I ruined so many walls, appliances and cupboards because it was non drivable. It was large enough for a 400 pound person and the seat was not positioned properly so I kept sliding out of it. After many communications with xxxxxx without progress I was referred to Niagara Wheelchair and Seating (289) 786-0088 which customized my chair so it was safe, the right size and I actually wasnt slipping out of it. Niagara Wheelchair and Seating are knowledgeable, respectful of their customer needs and are extremely caring.”

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